C H I N E S E   N E W   Y E A R

Wishing you luck and happiness in the Year of the Pig!  

William [Fleurs] has selected a range of plentiful festive gifts for you.

To avoid disappointment, please come early to choose and send your warm blessings to family and friends.  

For your convenience, we are also opening on Sundays - 20th & 27th Jan.

Opening hours daily  9.00am - 6.30pm

William [Fleurs花店] 已經為您挑選喜慶雅緻的年花年桔。 

為方便客戶,星期日 (20/1)及(27/1) 照常營業。營業時間 上午9時至下午6時三十分。

預祝 諸事吉祥,心想事成!

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